N.B. Timetable from Monday 28th September 2020


4:15-5:00       Grade Two Ballet                             

5:00-5:45       Grade Three Ballet                            

5:45-6:30       Grade Five Ballet                            

6:30-7:15       Grade Four Ballet                            

7:15-8:00       Senior Ballet        

8:00-8:45       Adult Ballet

4:15-5:00       Pre-Primary Tap & Modern                      

5:00-5:45       Grade One Tap            

5:45-6:30       Grade Two Tap                     

6:30-7:15       Senior Tap                         

7:15-8:00       Grade Three Tap                                 

8:00-8:45       Adult Intermediate Tap  


4:15-5:00      Pre-Primary Ballet 

5:00-5:45      Grade Two Ballet

5:45-6:30      Grade Three Ballet                     

6:30-7:15      Grade Four Ballet                               

7:15-8:00      Grade Five Ballet                            

8:00-8:45      Adult Beginners Tap


4:15-5:00       Grade Two Modern Jazz

5:00-5:45       Grade Three Modern Jazz        

5:45-6:30       Grade Four Modern Jazz     

6:30-7:15       Pointe      

7:15-8:00       Senior Ballet                 

8:00-8:45       Senior Modern Jazz       


9:15-10:15    Pre-Primary Ballet, Tap & Modern  

10:15-11:30  Darcey Primary Ballet, Tap & Modern       

11:30 -12:45 Margot Primary Ballet, Tap & Modern      

9:00-9:45       Coaching

9:45-10:30     Musical Theatre      

10:30-11:30   Disney Rehearsals (Grade 3 & 4)

11:30-12:00   Disney Rehearsals (Grade 5 & Senior)

12:00-12:45   Conditioning                             

Due to current Government Guidelines we are unable to take new starters in some classes. 

Please contact us before attending to register your interest.

NB- All ages and school years are guidelines, as students progress at their own pace.  It is important that students are in the correct class for their ability, experience and enjoyment of dance.    
Please contact LDS for any further information or to register for a class

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